Online admission notice and ticket purchase notice

Issuing time:2022-06-28 10:47

1、 Admission notice

(1) Opening hours

Admission time: 8:00-16:00

Please arrange the time for ticket purchase and admission according to your schedule, so as not to affect your travel plan!

Ticket Price:

Peak tourism season (March 1 to November 30) off-season tourism (December 1 to the last day of the next February)

Full price ticket in peak season: 120 yuan / person full price ticket in off-season: 100 yuan / person

Half price ticket in peak season: 60 yuan / person half price ticket in off-season: 50 yuan / person

Sightseeing ticket in peak season: 40 yuan / person; sightseeing ticket in off-season: 40 yuan / person

(2) Admission notice

(1) The scenic spot implements the policy of "real name ticket purchase", and the scenic spot tickets and sightseeing bus tickets are purchased through online real name reservation.

(2) Visitors can book tickets online, swipe their ID cards offline and enter the park by face recognition. Tickets to the scenic spot are valid for 2 days. Second time visitors must enter the park by face recognition.

(3) Tourist reception: the daily tourist reception of the scenic spot shall not exceed the maximum carrying capacity.

(4) Appointment period: the scenic spot divides the admission time into five periods, namely, 8:00-9:30, 9:30-11:30, 11:30-13:30, 13:30-15:00, and 15:00-16:00. Visitors are invited to enter the park according to the appointment period.

(5) The round trip in the scenic area is 45 kilometers long. Among them, the round-trip travel distance of xiaoqikong is 39 km (the clearance area from xiaoqikong ancient bridge to Shishang forest scenic spot is 1.6 km, which requires walking); The round trip of Daqikong is 6km, and you can take a boat or walk.

(6) Before entering the park, please take rain proof, anti-skid and sun protection measures according to the weather conditions.

(7) No drones in the scenic area!

(8) Pets are not allowed in the scenic area!

(9) Visitors need to swipe their ID cards to enter the park. Please be sure to carry your ID cards with you!

(3) Preferential treatment policy

1. 50% discount

(1) Students under the age of 15 to 18, student ID card (full-time undergraduate or below), and retired personnel;

(2) There are more than 4 (excluding 4) and less than 8 (including 8) medical and health experts and accompanying relatives in Guizhou. Accompanying relatives can enjoy 50% discount on tickets and free tickets for medical and health experts in Guizhou. (Note: with the "Colorful Guizhou tourism preferential certificate for medical and health experts assisting Guizhou", the preferential period is December 31, 2026.);

2. Free ticket preferential policy

According to the requirements of relevant preferential policies, the following people can enjoy free admission to the scenic spot with valid certificates:

(1) Military disabled, disabled, police disabled, war participants, and preferential care personnel (martyr's family members) (one person with severe disability of grade 1 or 2 visual disability, grade 1 or 2 intellectual disability, and grade 1 other disability types can be accompanied free of charge);

(2) Servicemen in active service, personnel of the national comprehensive fire rescue team and the people's police;

(3) Under the age of 14 (including 14), over the age of 60 (including 60) (over the age of 80, one person can be accompanied free of charge);

(4) Poverty relief cadres outside the province who go to Qiannan Prefecture on a temporary basis (subject to the list of temporary assistance cadres recognized by the Organization Department of Qiannan Prefecture Party committee) and no more than 5 accompanying relatives. (Note: with the "Qiannan Prefecture gratitude feedback true feelings help cadre tourism preferential certificate" and the temporary help cadre's own valid ID card.); (5) There are no more than 4 medical and health experts and accompanying relatives in Guizhou (Note: with the "Colorful Guizhou tourism preferential certificate for medical and health experts in Guizhou", the preferential period is December 31, 2026.);

(6) "Gifted card" cardholders and accompanying relatives less than 5 (including 5) (Note: with "gifted card");

(7) Libo native (Note: make an appointment to enter the park with my ID card);

(4) Online booking method

(1) Travel agency booking and ticket purchasing platform: qianyuntong Digital Tourism cloud platform: 。

(2) Individual ticket booking platform: wechat official account searches for "Libo small seven hole ticket selling official website", "one yard tour of Guizhou" wechat applet or scenic spot authorized OTA platform ("Ctrip", "meituan" and "donkey mother") to make an appointment.

(5) Precautions

1. tourists who meet the preferential policies of the scenic spot (students, veterans, military disabled, disabled, police disabled, participating in the war, preferential care personnel, active servicemen, fire officers and soldiers, people's police, poverty relief cadres outside Guizhou who go to work in Qiannan Prefecture, medical experts who help Guizhou, etc.) must go to the ticket window of the scenic spot to check their certificates and apply for admission to the park;

2. tourists over 1.2m in height need to buy sightseeing tickets and scenic spot insurance.

3. For tourists who have successfully purchased tickets online and do not carry their identity cards (relevant identity certificates are required) or degaussing their identity cards for special reasons, they need to go to the offline special certificate window to exchange paper tickets for admission to the park.

4. This ticket category includes sightseeing tickets and insurance.

Scenic spot telephone

Price report: 12358

Rescue Tel.: 0854-3516118

Tel: 0854-3516116

Complaint hotline: 0854-3516117 0854-3610359

2、 Epidemic prevention and control needs to know:

(1) Overseas and medium and high-risk areas to (return to) Guizhou personnel. The control shall be implemented in accordance with the principle of "14 days of centralized isolation +14 days of home health monitoring +12 times of nucleic acid detection".

(2) People coming (returning) to Guizhou from areas with serious epidemic situation. At this stage, it is controlled according to "7-day centralized isolation +7-day home health monitoring +5 nucleic acid tests +1 antigen test".

(3) Those who return to Guizhou from outside the province and need to implement "five days and three inspections". The Guizhou health code will no longer be changed to "gray code" on the day of arrival in Guizhou. After arrival in Guizhou, if relevant personnel fail to complete the first sampling within 24 hours, the second sampling within 3 days, and the third sampling within 5 days, they will be changed to "gray code". After the corresponding number of nucleic acid sampling is completed as required, it can be switched to "green code" for orderly flow. Before the completion of "five days and three inspections", relevant personnel can enter and leave shopping malls, supermarkets, scenic spots, restaurants, accommodation and other places by virtue of Guizhou health code "green code" on the premise of personal protection throughout the process, but are not allowed to enter bars, Internet cafes, cinemas, song and dance halls, KTVs, chess and card rooms, bathing centers and other indoor closed entertainment places.

(4) People from land border port cities (except those connected to Hong Kong and Macao) who come to Guizhou and return to Guizhou. It is required to return to Guizhou with the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 48 hours, and conduct another nucleic acid test within 48 hours after arriving in Guizhou; If there is no relevant certificate, the measures of "three inspections in five days" must be implemented after arriving in Guizhou.

(5) For those who come back to Guizhou from other low-risk areas outside the province, it is advocated to take the initiative to carry out a nucleic acid test within 48 hours.

(6) The specific areas involved in the epidemic are subject to the latest tips on epidemic prevention and control in Guizhou Province. For details, please call the scenic spot hotline: 0854-3516116).

(7) Please wear a mask when entering the scenic area, cooperate with the health code scanning registration and body temperature measurement, and keep a personal distance when checking tickets, waiting in line and touring, so as to avoid getting together, gathering and touring in an orderly manner. Tourists who do not wear masks, scan codes or hold red, yellow and gray codes as required are not allowed to enter the park; Tourists with fever and respiratory tract infection are not allowed to enter the park. The scenic spot will arrange to go to the nearest designated hospital for treatment at the first time.

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