Xiaoqikong scenic spot: polishing the service brand and boosting the quality development

Issuing time:2022-06-26 10:22


In order to further improve the service quality, optimize the tourism development environment, improve tourist satisfaction, maintain the national 5A brand of the scenic spot, continue to build the tourism service benchmark of the scenic spot, and promote the high-quality development of Libo tourism. From June 23 to 24, 2022, xiaoqikong scenic spot carried out the standardized service quality improvement and 5A scenic spot review training. The training was attended by more than 400 people from the air management department, all departments of the scenic spot and tourism enterprises in the scenic spot.

The training invited associate professor wangzhe of Wuchang Institute of technology as the lecturer, and teacher Liu Mian as the assistant lecturer. The training mainly focused on the review of the construction process of the standardization system, the introduction and application of the system results, the 5A review content and the detailed review and evaluation rules. It explained to the trainees what the standardization system is and how to use the standardization system management from the whole in detail, and especially emphasized the important contribution of the standardization management methods to the leading cadres, And lead you to explain the 5A review workflow in detail. The content of this training course is professional and practical, vivid and practical, full of dry goods, which has benefited the trainees a lot.


At the meeting, it was stressed that the scenic spot should take meeting the growing needs of the people for a better life as the fundamental purpose, always put the concept of satisfying tourism throughout the whole process of tourism development, and implement the "tourist oriented and sincere service" in every link. Firmly establish the development awareness of quality first, regard the continuous improvement of tourism service quality as the key area of high-quality development of tourism, cultivate a high-quality tourism management and service team, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive management and service level of scenic spots.

The 5A review is a golden opportunity for the scenic spot to improve itself, promote the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry, and improve the quality and efficiency. All cadres and workers should unify their thinking, improve their understanding, attach great importance to and strengthen cooperation, closely follow the national 5A scenic spot standards and time nodes, focus on the details, pay close attention to the situation, further check the deficiencies, strengthen the weaknesses, and improve the data, so as to ensure the successful completion of the review tasks.

The participants said that through this training, they further strengthened their professional skills, sense of responsibility and executive power, helped everyone to make up for their weaknesses and strengths, quickly improved the quality and service level of practitioners in the scenic spot, and met the needs of tourists in the new era for high-quality tourism vacation, so as to achieve the professional tourism service concept and level, and ensure that the scenic spot provides tourists with higher quality 5A services.

In recent years, through the innovative implementation of the "four grid" management service model, the scenic spot has solved the common problems and problems in the scenic spot, realized the all-round improvement of the comprehensive management service level, and continuously expanded the influence of the service brand. Despite the challenge of the epidemic situation, the scenic spot has always adhered to "cultivating internal skills" and strengthened itself in the empty window. This training is not only an enhancement of the 5A review work, but also a starting run-up for the scenic spot to usher in the summer peak season, All the staff of xiaoqikong scenic spot have firm confidence in the development of tourism, and have made full efforts to contribute energy to the optimization and strengthening of Libo Zhangjiang River high-quality scenic spot, and the continuous improvement and expansion of the IP popularity and influence of "Libo".

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