Sweat steaming room of Korean fire

Issuing time:2019-05-16 00:00

No matter in Korean movies, TV dramas or variety shows, you must have seen such a picture: men, women, old and young all lie horizontally and vertically in the "bathhouse" in bathrobes. That's right - this is the routine of sweat steaming hall! This can be said to be one of the places with a high rate of appearance in South Korea. From the crowded hall, it is not difficult to imagine how much Koreans love this activity. It is simply a "national amusement park" in South Korea. So, what are the benefits of sweat steaming? Why do Koreans love sweating so much? Which sweat steamers are better? What should I pay attention to when steaming with sweat? Come on, this little guide will clear up your problems.

What kind of experience is it in Korea?

[basic process of sweat steaming]

All the sweat steaming halls provide sweat steaming clothes, which are similar to short sleeved cotton pajamas. You need to take a shower before changing sweat steaming clothes (you need to bring your own clean underwear at this time), and then enter different small sweat steaming rooms to experience sweat steaming (go out for a rest after steaming for 5 minutes, and repeat this for 2~3 times). For example, there are charcoal houses, loess houses and ice houses, which are good for your health. After washing and steaming, of course, the happy time is to sit in the hall with friends and family, eat snacks, drink drinks and enjoy leisure time.

[magical effect of sweat steaming]

➤ whitening skin, improving skin texture, enhancing skin elasticity and delaying aging

➤ improve the detoxification and detoxification of the liver, completely eliminate toxins in the body, reduce the burden on the liver, and keep the visceral environment in good condition

➤ eliminate excess fat in the body, metabolize excess heat, eliminate fat, and keep fit

➤ reduce stress, improve acidic system and sub-health state, promote sleep, adjust neurasthenia, and have the effect of calming and calming nerves

➤ regulate endocrine, dredge channels and collaterals, and have significant effects on acne, pigmentation, constipation and varicose veins

➤ relax muscles, relieve fatigue, eliminate inflammation, and have remarkable effects on internal swelling, waist and knee pain

➤ activate the body's dormant cells, completely rejuvenate the body's tissue parts, and promote the body's repair and cell

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