Inventory of top travel destinations in the second half of 2016

Issuing time:2022-06-25 17:01


Yunnan has a beautiful sea of flowers, sacred snow mountains and magnificent natural scenery. With a camera, a simple bag and a young heart, let's go to Yunnan! When you see shanballa in Hilton's eyes, beautiful temples, beautiful mountains and lakes, you will be moved by the beauty in those eyes. When you see the majestic Meili Snow Mountain, you will be shocked by the solemn and sacred posture in an instant. When you use your own lens to record those unspeakable beautiful and moving moments one by one, that moment becomes eternal.

Mohe County

It is deep in the Daxing'an forest region, where North China lies, and Heilongjiang flows through it. Russia is on the other side of the river. For children in prosperous cities, they may not adapt to this land when they first set foot on it. The extremely cold weather, inconvenient traffic, busy streets, and the dark sky early in the morning have made it a challenge to need mobile phone signals all the time. However, there are stars all over the sky Large tracts of primitive birch forest, quiet villages after nightfall, rich farmhouse dishes, and a small wish - stepping on Mohe land is the perfect ending of the "journey to the north".

23 Zhangjiang East Road, Libo County, Guizhou Province