Travel notes of 16 people to the grassland, a beautiful agreement with the grassland

Issuing time:2019-05-16 00:00

All the arrangements were good. I didn't know it was a surprise trip without starting.

The unscheduled sightseeing tour of the scenic spot is very similar to when I went to Huangshan alone last year. I bought tickets and clothes and backpacks and followed the mountain climbing army to watch the sunrise and see the sea of clouds. When I met many master photography groups, I followed them to learn to take photos. Playing with them, they were also willing to take photos for me, and QQ also sent a lot of beautiful photos. I didn't expect that this Hulunbeier trip was also surprisingly well arranged. When I booked the ticket and got ready to set out, I met the team leader ah Feng. He said that they had a group to go to Hulunbuir for photography. He said that if I could have time, I could also come to play together. I didn't even think about it and said: OK.

Let's tell the story before the trip

I am very glad to be able to get together with such a group of 16 people of different ages, different experiences and living in various fields. We are the 16 heavenly kings of Hulunbuir. Up to now, I can remember everyone's name: Jia Jia, Gu Qianyi, uncle Ming who loves hats, sister Qian who eats two bowls of rice every meal, a bag of photographic equipment and stars who ask others to help carry them in turn. I love to talk about my girlfriend's beautiful stones, big hands and Fangzi, Mr. Gao, who sang to me when walking, and Baba, who held me across the river when crossing the river, brother Li, a plant who likes plants, a Liu, an uncle from Shandong who loves playing cards, and my beautiful sister north of the Yangtze River. In fact, everyone knows that Mr. Cheng, who loves chatting (actually bragging), is very cute and funny. And I, I was a great joy when I carried my bag and ran fast the next day after I didn't sleep one night···

And our leader Xiaofeng. The super young man has the courage to venture into the world at a young age in the martial arts drama. He is a great God who can solve problems for us all the way. Babies who come to the grassland can find him to charter a car or serve as a guide.

It was also an accident to meet these beautiful scenery. Unexpectedly, when I set foot here in my lifetime, he let me know that the world is big, and I am a frog in a well. I am small but have strong power. If the world is easy to change and difficult to change, it is myself. When my world is stormy, I also have the strength to open a rose in the devastated desert.

I hope our meeting is as gorgeous as the wonderful picture.

I will tell you more stories and strategies now.

A good travel in life is when you find a long lost feeling in a strange place and always feel that people should travel. When you were young, you left the city you saw with your eyes open and closed, fled the disturbance around you, found a quiet and clean place to make yourself as transparent as crystal, and then took some beautiful photos that made you want to cry, When traveling for the elderly, you should learn to take things as they are, be calm, stop and go, and don't be afraid to miss anything, because you have already gained a good mood of freedom on the way. Don't be greedy. You can't wait to play all the legendary scenic spots at once. If you don't talk about it, you won't have a real experience. You know, when you've been worried about what you've missed, in fact, you've missed the meaning of travel.

When crossing the street, I sometimes imagine that I am a passer-by in this city. Then I find out how many valuable scenery there are and what wonderful places I have missed carelessly.

I have seen many people, heard many stories, and seen traveling scenery on the way with my backpack. In this way, I slowly learned to grow up. The flowing time has become a beautiful ornament in the life path. Watching the sky, watching the snow, being quiet and silent are all good scenery.

If you don't go out for a walk, you will think this is the world

There are at least two impulses in life, one for desperate love, and the other for a trip that says go. Distance, let love know more about love. Zhangjiajie would be great if you were present. Perhaps the significance of the journey lies in all the unpredictable scenery and encounters. What I encounter will be the indelible scenery in my life. I still have you around me and accompany me to the depths of my memory. Put art in life, integrate emotion into body, and be beautiful all your life.

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