Practicing civilized tourism requires a bit of hard work

Issuing time:2019-11-27 14:45

In recent years, new year tourism has become a new trend. Family tour, elderly tour, parent-child tour, cultural leisure tour and other tourism products are selling very well. However, in the prosperity of the tourism market, some uncivilized tourism behaviors are particularly bad.

   uncivilized behaviors such as littering, feeding animals, stepping on Danxia, scribbling, random climbing and playing in religious places are still visible in the scenic area. What's more, two female tourists visiting the Tianzi mountain scenic spot in Qingyuan, Guangdong province carried away the model pig in the scenic spot, and the staff dragged the pig tail for more than 300 meters to recover the model pig. This news completely touched the nerves of the majority of netizens, Some netizens commented mercilessly: "Why are you so thick skinned? The staff continue to make mistakes even though they have been stopped nearby. Isn't this a clear robbery? They should be forbidden to come to the scenic spot again."

   in fact, in order to curb the occurrence of uncivilized tourism behavior, as early as 2006, the central civilization office, together with the former National Tourism Administration, issued the Convention on civilized behavior of Chinese citizens in domestic tourism and the guide to civilized behavior of Chinese citizens in overseas tourism; In 2015, the former National Tourism Administration issued the Interim Measures for the management of records of tourists' uncivilized behaviors. The system stipulates that once tourists are included in the "blacklist", their bad information records will be kept for 1-2 years, which will seriously affect the exit and bank credit. Later, the provincial tourism authorities have also issued relevant management systems.

  before the Spring Festival holiday this year, in order to prevent the occurrence of uncivilized tourism, local government departments and many tourist attractions have launched a series of measures, but they still can not completely prevent uncivilized tourism.

   the main reasons are as follows: first, the punishment for uncivilized tourism is not in place and the punishment is small. In many tourism developed countries, the punishment measures for uncivilized tourism are relatively strict. For example, Singapore forbids the entry of chewing gum, and even suffers from whipping or imprisonment for vandalism such as graffiti; Germany also imposes heavy fines for uncivilized acts. For example, spitting or chewing gum can be fined up to 500 euros, cultural relics can be fined 500 to 1000 euros depending on the seriousness of the case, and even queue jumping is subject to certain fines. Secondly, when tourists come to a strange environment, driven by their own and external factors, there will be a moral decline. In addition, they are not familiar with local laws and customs. Despite the clear slogans or the dissuasion of staff, it is easy to hinder their moral cognition.

   therefore, in order to realize the internalization of civilized tourism, the author puts forward two suggestions.

  first, improve the social supervision mechanism. Including improving the legal supervision mechanism, strengthening government supervision and punishment. For example, strengthen the punishment for uncivilized behaviors, and economically restrict the uncivilized behaviors of tourists. We should create a better behavior environment for tourists who dare to point out and stop uncivilized tourism, and reduce their pressure in stopping uncivilized tourism. For example, we can set up a tourist uncivilized behavior reporting desk in the scenic spot to solve the dilemma that it is difficult for tourists to stop them face to face. The social and moral behavior of tourists to stop other people's uncivilized tourism behavior should be praised and appropriately rewarded, so as to form a social atmosphere of civilized tourism governance in which everyone is responsible. Through the above measures, the civilized mood of the tourist group will be stimulated, civilized behavior will be encouraged, and a virtuous circle will be formed.

   secondly, we should strengthen education, publicity and guidance. The improvement of civilization quality is closely related to the individual's living environment, education level, education level and public morality consciousness. Putting people in a good moral environment will restrict their bad habits; The news media truthfully report uncivilized behaviors, so that the public has a certain understanding of uncivilized behaviors. Under the pressure of public opinion, uncivilized behaviors and the problems caused will be corrected and solved in time. The government can broadcast public service advertisements, set up eye-catching signs, post personalized posters, etc. at the entrances and important sections of the scenic spot with a large flow of people, so that tourists can get tips and education about civilized travel before entering the scenic spot. We can also learn from the "green currency" system of Xianju in Zhejiang Province and the "civilized tourism bank" in Wuhan, Hubei Province to help guide tourists to enhance their awareness of civilization.

  civilized tourism reflects the quality of citizens and is also related to the national image. To build a large civilized tourism country, we need not only the appeal of the whole society, but also the protection of an iron fist. Only in this way can civilized tourism become a habit that people consciously abide by.

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