Phuket Island 3 days, creating a food map + play map

Issuing time:2019-05-16 00:00

Itinerary assistant] it is a powerful tool for itinerary planning. Google Maps cannot be used in China, so the planning before the trip is particularly hard. This app has a map version, so you can intuitively see where the places you want to go are on the map. The use method is very simple. Drag the places you want to go into the itinerary of the day, and then let the system help you optimize the route. You can also adjust it yourself. From then on, you don't have to waste time on the road.

1. [padong beach]

Phuket Pattaya, located on the west coast, is a well-developed modern beach on Phuket Island. The transportation is very convenient, the business is developed, and there are many types of hotels. You can choose whether it is a small B & B or a hotel. But the drawback is that there are many people and it is noisy at night, and the sea water is not so clear and clean.

2. [Kata Beach]

Kata Beach is the smaller of the three beaches, but it has clear water and two beautiful bays, which is q-cute and fat W-shaped. The two beaches are nicknamed "big Kata" and "little Kata" by local people. The hotel is mainly a luxury resort hotel. If you don't have high requirements for accommodation, you might as well find a small B & B facing the sea to see the ebb and flow of the sea. It is suitable for friends who like peace. Kata also has a relatively small commercial street, with many bars and restaurants and rich nightlife.

3. [Kalun Beach (Kalon Beach)]

Karen beach is one of the long beaches in Phuket Island, with a length of 4 kilometers. There are several large resorts nearby. The beach sand is quite good, in powder form. Surfing lovers' paradise, but it is suitable for surfing season. The waves are too big to swim, which is the feeling of being thrown in the water at will; There are medium to high-end resort hotels here. Friends who like surfing should first choose here. Changsha beach is very suitable for lovers to stroll on the beach and watch the sunset at dusk. It is very romantic.

4. [Phuket Town]

Located in the south of Phuket Island, it is the provincial capital of Phuket. An old city with a slow pace, a small weekend market, a local tea restaurant with the feeling of old Hong Kong, and a sister's favorite cat coffee (see the recommended minority play methods for a detailed introduction). The accommodation here is mainly B & B, and the price will be relatively low, but the disadvantage is that the transportation is not particularly convenient.

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