Lijiang + Shangri La 5-day group tour

Issuing time:2019-05-16 00:00

Bring unexpected "surprise" to your tongue!

Arrange a meal of Lijiang's special dish - pork chops hotpot, which is healthy, environmentally friendly, and adds precious Chinese herbal medicines. It tastes good but doesn't catch fire!

Special recommendation: take the long cableway in Yunnan - the big cableway in shika snow mountain park to visit the breathtaking Blue Moon Valley shika snow mountain scenic spot in Shangri La!

This is a fine collection route of "the fairyland of the world is full of water and the scenery of Taoyuan is intoxicating to the world"!

Carefully provide you with a "five heart" journey of sincere, considerate, dedicated, warm-hearted and open-minded services!

Special care: the strength guarantee team forms an independent group for the scattered guests of major travel agencies in Shenzhen to ensure the reception quality of the team!

Safe use of vehicles: the air-conditioned tourist vehicles from the pick-up to the delivery are guaranteed to be fully insured and no more than 5 years old!

Sincerely arrange six gifts: Naxi pendant, Tibetan hada, highland barley wine, highland wild snow tea, seasonal fruit and mineral water!

23 Zhangjiang East Road, Libo County, Guizhou Province