Sanya Yalong Bay free travel on March 3-5

Issuing time:2019-05-16 00:00

Sanya Yalong Bay Weijing International Resort Hotel Deluxe Standard Room 2 Nights (59 flat with balcony)!

Special gift of Hainan legend meal of Yalong Bay World City Hotel worth 300 yuan for 2 people!

Enjoy the listing of quasi five-star quality, spacious green balcony, spa class bathroom!

Daily Deluxe Chinese and western buffet breakfast for two!

Enjoy tropical gardens, adult straight swimming pool, children's beach swimming pool and other constant temperature swimming pools!

Enjoy the luxury fitness center, free battery car to and from Yalong Bay private beach!

Shenzhen Hong Kong Phuket Island

Reference flight: e8257/245 12:30-15:15 or tg608:10:25-13:00 or cz6093:16:15-18:55

Gather at the designated place in Shenzhen at the designated time, go through the exit formalities under the leadership of a professional leader to the airport, and take a passenger plane to Phuket Island, a resort known as "Tainan pearl" (the flight time is about 3.5 hours).

Check in after arrival. (Note: Dinner depends on flight)

Transportation: aircraft

Meals: excluding meals

Accommodation: Casa del M

D2 Phuket

After breakfast, take the bus to the wharf and transfer to the long tail boat.

Panyafu, known as "little Guilin on the sea", covers an area of about 4710 square kilometers. Most of the area is forest. Phangya Bay belongs to phangya Province in southern Thailand. It was listed as a Marine National Park in 1981 and is known as a beautiful place on the island.

Then we went to a scenic spot in panyaphu in southern Thailand, which is famous for the film "cut throat island". It is located in the high limestone cliff on the right of Nam Mau Bay Bay Bay. We often saw people playing rock climbing activities and gave them a special gift to take a rubber boat (two for one) to start a wonderful intellectual journey.

The filming site [James Bond Island] of the world-famous Hollywood blockbuster "007 vs. the golden Musketeers" has no coastline and directly protrudes from the sea. Its top is wide and flat, and its base is narrow. It looks very like a huge nail standing in the sea, so it is also called iron nail island. (about 20 minutes)

Continue to visit the "Venice maritime culture village" built on the sea elevated house to experience the marine village culture isolated by land. This fishing village is located on a large area of limestone. In order to protect them from the tide, the house is built on the beer barrel with mangrove as the material to float on the water.

Enjoy seafood lunch in the village, and then go to [ride an elephant].

In the afternoon, on the way back to Phuket Island, visit [tropical fruit garden style tour] to try various local snacks in Thailand, appreciate the local customs and culture of Thailand enjoying the "fruit kingdom", and enjoy the seasonal [fruit meal + pure fruit ice cream + unlimited fruit juice].

Return to the hotel after dinner!

Warm tips: 1. Take a rubber boat for about 30 minutes, and you need to pay about 50/ baht per person for boating tips. 2. [riding an elephant] please bring your own tip of 20 beads / person.

Transportation: Bus

Meals: including breakfast, lunch and dinner

Accommodation: Casa del M

23 Zhangjiang East Road, Libo County, Guizhou Province