Located at the junction of Guizhou and Guangxi, the small seven hole scenic area is named after a seven hole ancient stone bridge built in the 15th year of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty (1836). The scenic area covers an area of 46.4 square kilometers. In the long valley of the gorge, which is only 1.5 kilometers wide and 19 kilometers long, the scenic area integrates mountains, water, caves, forests, waterfalls, lakes and stones. It is a combination of magnificence, strangeness, danger, beauty and beauty. It is exquisite, beautiful and beautiful, so that tourists can't see and hear. It is an unparalleled wonder in karst landforms, known as "super bonsai". The natural beauty created by karst landforms in southern China is fascinating. The mountain culture and unique customs deposited by ethnic minorities are exciting. The harmony between man and nature has been most vividly explained in this land. In 1994, it was approved as a national scenic spot by the State Council; In april1996, he became a member of the UNESCO International Network of man and biosphere reserves (mAb); On june27,2007, it became the sixth World Natural Heritage site in China and the first World Natural Heritage site in Guizhou with its unique karst forest system and biodiversity; In july2015, it was rated as a national 5A tourist attraction, and in 2021, it was honored as the advanced collective of the national culture and tourism system, the national youth civilization, and the national civilized tourism demonstration unit. The forest coverage in the region is over 92%, there are 180000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter in the air, and the annual average temperature is 18 ℃. The climate is pleasant, and it is called a "lung washing and health care" resort.

Xiaoqikong Bridge
Grade 68
La Ya falls
Located at the top of the scenic spot, the name of the scenic spot is derived from the bridge. This is a small and exquisite seven hole ancient stone bridge. The bridge is 25m long, 1.8m wide and 4m high. It was built in the 15th (1836) year of the Qing Dynasty. It used to be an important bridge between Libo and Guangxi. The bridge was built of rubble strips and covered with rattan and ferns: under the antique bridge is an enchanting green pond. The ancient trees on both sides are towering, and the huge twigs stretch their arms along the bridge, just like a huge umbrella on the bridge.
After passing the small seven hole bridge, you can see the Laya waterfall after winding for about 100 meters. "Laya" is the Buyi language, which means a beautiful girl. The colorful ethnic customs of the Buyi Nationality also make the xiaoqikong scenic spot icing on the cake. The Laya waterfall is 10 meters wide with a drop of more than 30 meters. The splashing water mist is fluttering and blowing, and the coolness coming from it makes the tourists linger and forget to return. If Huangguoshu waterfall is compared to a tall and majestic man, then Laya waterfall is a beautiful girl with a lot of beauty.
The 68 level waterfall has an elevation of 380-500 meters and a drop of 120 meters. There are 68 level waterfalls in the Xiangshui river valley with a length of 1.6 kilometers, so it is called 68 level waterfalls. Level 68 waterfall is not just level 68. Its moral lies in: on the one hand, it means a lot, on the other hand, it means people's good wishes, because the numbers 6 and 8 symbolize good luck in the hearts of the local Buyi people. According to the research of experts, such numerous and dense waterfalls and water falls are rare in China.
Broken bridge waterfall
Tonggu Bridge
Aquatic forest
Broken bridge waterfall: the mountain spring water flows down the hillside to the highway. In order to facilitate tourists, the local people built a "broken bridge" for the running water by borrowing tree holes to let it flow into the Xiangshui river. When there is a large amount of water here, it looks like pearls splashing, the green pool is smoking, and the flood waves howl; When the water volume is small, you will feel relaxed and happy as if you were in the air and running water. This is the clock in point where tourists must take photos. Once here, you can experience all kinds of Customs of the tourist point, and feel the beauty and passion of life.
The bridge is 126 meters long, 60 meters clear span, 2.4 meters wide and 25 meters high. Both ends of the bridge are made of Yao mountain bronze drums. The Yao people regard the bronze drums as a gift from God, a treasure of the town and a symbol of power. The totem pole set up at Qiaotou represents the dignity and worship of the Yao nationality. The relief pattern on the column body shows the traditional, unique and ancient national culture of the Yao nationality, with strong local national characteristics.
Water flows on stones, trees grow in water. All the thousands of trees here are rooted in the hard rocks in the water, and deeply rooted in the riverbed through the hard rocks. There are stones in the water, trees on the stones, and trees in the water. The surging water has overwhelming power. It can engulf and destroy everything, but it can't shake every tree here. The water here is as fast as the wind, and the waves are as fast as fire. People can't stand steadily in the water, and the trees are still in the water. It is in this rock and water that every tree of life shows its endless spirit.
Cuigu waterfall
Shangjiding Lake
Tianzhong cave

A thousand feet in front of the waterfall wind, doubting the Milky Way school. The Green Valley waterfall has green peaks and is named after the lush vegetation. It hangs on the waist of the mountains like a jade belt. The waterfall is more than 60 meters high. When it falls, the water splashes to form a bead curtain, surrounded by clouds and mist. The waterfall falling with the mountain is like a white dragon returning home.

Shangzi has set up a natural scenery belt composed of lakes, wetlands and waterfalls. When the clouds break through and the sun rises, the whole lake is surrounded by the morning glow, and the sparkling light makes the whole lake warm and golden. You can take a boat to it, as if you are in a fairyland: the winding water in the wetland beside you is surrounded by meadows, full of green; Not far away, the waterfall looks like a rainbow, which can rush directly into the clouds and snow. A glance at the past is full of vitality.

The cave is 2000 meters long, the cave hall is tall, and the outline road is circuitous. The calcified deposits are well developed, lifelike and vivid in shape, and the roads in the tunnel are flat and observable. There are many cool animals in the stalactites in the cave, including crocodile hall, Golden Rooster hall, beast hall and rhinoceros hall. There are also many vivid animals and their moving stories in the cave,... There are countless wonders in the cave. Only by experiencing them personally can we know the beauty.

Yuanyang Lake
Wolong pool
Dream Pond

The lake water is as thick as grass and unfathomable. The lake water is constant in temperature all the year round. Between the green islands, the ports and branches are staggered and circuitous, forming a water maze. The narrow part is like a tree lined Lane on the water, and the open part is like a huge window of the forest on the water. In the early morning and evening, the thick fog is like milk, covering the lake. It is hazy, and you feel more and more wild. The lake is known as the "Oriental Amazon" for its perennial growth of Chongyang wood. Here you can have close contact with nature and forget the worldly noise.

Take a rubber boat down the river slowly. On both sides are the beautiful karst primitive vegetation with scallion. In the quiet river, sometimes fish jump up and sometimes beautiful islands appear, just like an exquisite natural bonsai. Mountains and rivers are matchmakers with love, whispering with lovers, helping his wife in the same boat, and playing with friends.

Once upon a time, the nearby residents lived by fishing. The water in the dream pond was clear and clean, and the water quality was excellent. Fish flocks liked to gather here. Fishermen liked to fish here, and their wives and children hoped that their husbands and fathers would return home safely. Therefore, the Dream Pond was called the dream pond, which is still an "ideal place" for anglers.
Natural bridge

The heavenly gate interrupts the rising of the Chu River, and the clear water flows back to this point in the East. This is a natural karst bridge, 73 meters high, 15 meters thick and 22 meters wide. The stone bridge is magnificent. The turbulent River under the bridge falls into a 2-meter-high waterfall. The stalactites on the bridge are dotted with trees on the bridge deck. The single hole stone bridge is integrated with the mountains on both banks. It is seamless. It is known as the "Oriental Arc de Triomphe" created by the divine power of nature.

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